Is it Moral to Create Weapons of Mass Destruction?

     One of the most appealing aspects of science is that it allows humans to excercise their curiosity. Many scientists remain curious because they often make discoveries that they never expected to discover. They also want to gain a better understanding of the universe around them; often forming theories and trying to prove them based on observation, or observing and making theories about natural laws that cause what they see to occur. But what is the fun in making weapons of mass distruction? What is the curiosity that they are trying to satisfy? 
     Science is also practiced because it is necessary to better human existence. We need research in science so that we can find solutions to new problems that pop up. Global warming, plastic pollution, and overpopulation are all things that we need new science to deal with. But what do we need to develop weapons of mass destriction for?
     If someone needs to satisfy a curiosity of creating a weapon mass destruction, they probably have flawed morals. Who in the right mind would want to create a machine that is used to kill many humans with the push of a button? I see no good reason to create weapons of mass destruction in order to satisfy curiosity. 
     But what if a scientist was asked to create weapons of mass destruction in order to protect their families? What about protecting their state? What about their country? What about Mother Earth? There is simply no reason to create weapons of mass destruction unless they are absolutely necessary. It would be immoral to create weapons of mass destruction under any other circumstances because as soon as one is created, many more are created.  Developing these weapons just because we can is simply stupid as they can be used to kill people. The morality of creating these weapons depends on the intended use of them. It went from the creation of battleships, to the creation of machine guns and now we are at nuclear weapons. If we have nuclear weapons at our disposal, why wouldn't we use them if someone is disagreeing with us? Are we really more correct than our oppressors? 

     If someone from another planet was witnissing our current state, they would have probably started a stopwatch by now and are just waiting to see how long it takes for us to kill life on Earth as a result of the misuse of nuclear weapons. I would be interested to see if the extinction of life on Earth made their news. The headline would probably be something similar to: "Life on Earth no longer: a deadly dispute over the tax of marshmellow imports".


  1. I certainly hope we don't meet our end over something so trivial as a tax on marshmallows!


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